Headstones Don't Lie (But I Will)

by AYearSleepless

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Recorded at a kitchen table


If you take those pictures down,
I bought you in New York
Drive the tacks into my heart
I won't bother you no more.

And that bench seat in my car,
always seemed so out of place until
you took my hand and,
Leaned across.

And I'm glad you made it back to Boston,
One last time,
To spend the night,
And tell me that you love me like the old days.

When you'd show up,
drunk and shouting in the courtyard,
"Here's the best boy this whole city's got,
and I'm the only one,
He's ever gonna hold"

So if I die,
of this heartbreak,
At least I know,
I died an honest man today.

And the truth is,
you know,
I'm always driving up and down,
The Northeast coastline,
Searching for nothing that
I could ever find.

And I've been to London,
paris and New York,
Seen the girls in Sydney,
Carrying their heels through Kings Cross.

And in every city light,
from Atlantic to Pacific,
I swear,
You're the best damn girl around.


These last two years,
She taught me to be,
The best man I could be.

And it seems I realized,
That being yours
and your being mine,
Is the best thing that could be.



released August 6, 2013



all rights reserved