Demos '13

by AYearSleepless

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released August 15, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: Northeast Kid
Just another northeast kid,
Too used to winter wind,
Peeling back his summer skin.

waiting for a sun,
That only does the same.

And a northbound girl,
Just looking for a home,
In any kind of distance that will,
keep her home state
far away.

I was hoping that the winter
would come to keep us warm,
Cause nothing makes you closer,
Than short days in the cold,
When home is nowhere you can be.

But my friends down South,
They say they,
Don't miss New England weather.

Whether I been thinking 'bout the closest train,
and how they always make it back the 25th
Whether close or far away.

And I'm still hoping,
That the cold,
Will keep us close.

But old wool coats and layered clothes,
Are taking the place,
Of what's rightfully yours.

So I'll remember my mistress,
Through miles worth winter though
both engaged with distance
We're not married to our fate.

And I know the seasons,
They change,
Even when you're far away.

But it's never been a matter,
Of what's measured in between,
But only what it takes to measure up,
To who we need to be.

Just another northeast kid,
Too used to winter wind reminding him,
The cold keeps distance close.

When all you want to have just,
Hasn't been
is something that,
The seasons never change.
Track Name: Headstones Don't Lie (But I Will)
If you take those pictures down,
I bought you in New York
Drive the tacks into my heart
I won't bother you no more.

And that bench seat in my car,
always seemed so out of place until
you took my hand and,
Leaned across.

And I'm glad you made it back to Boston,
One last time,
To spend the night,
And tell me that you love me like the old days.

When you'd show up,
drunk and shouting in the courtyard,
"Here's the best boy this whole city's got,
and I'm the only one,
He's ever gonna hold"

So if I die,
of this heartbreak,
At least I know,
I died an honest man today.

And the truth is,
you know,
I'm always driving up and down,
The Northeast coastline,
Searching for nothing that
I could ever find.

And I've been to London,
paris and New York,
Seen the girls in Sydney,
Carrying their heels through Kings Cross.

And in every city light,
from Atlantic to Pacific,
I swear,
You're the best damn girl around.


These last two years,
She taught me to be,
The best man I could be.

And it seems I realized,
That being yours
and your being mine,
Is the best thing that could be.

Track Name: Two Years In Tact
Waking up on park street sunday morning.

With ringing in our heads,
And your liquor on my breath.

Tangled up in sheets that swallowed whole,
What we once saw so clearly.

I cleaned up nice these last two years,
But behind that cigarette this girl is smoking,
There's a thousand tons waiting for me,
Just off the tip of her tongue.

So sing abandon ship and
We'll forget all we said back then.

So sing abandon ship and,
Abandon ship,

You're as hard to read as
your drunk intentions,
And liquor labels.

With all the depth of,
The bottom of that bottle,
And I know you know them all so well.


If you only knew,
the years I've spent,
At my hearts expense.

Fostering connection
With malicious intent.

Fostering connection,
For the sake of severance.